June 13th Meeting at Noelridge Park at 1:30

We hope this posting finds all our Club members doing well.   It’s been a long time since our last formal face-to-face meeting in March of 2020.  But it is time to come back together and we are excited to do so.  The LAPC will reconvene in person on June 13 at 1:30.   We will meet at Noelridge Park. Because the city does not reserve pavilions during our meeting hours, everyone is asked to bring a lawn chair and gather in the area where the old playground stood. If the pavilion would happen to be available when we get there, we can move there.  Please plan to social distance and wear masks as appropriate. No snacks will be provided so please bring your own food and drink as desired.

Most of the current leadership team have decided they no long wish to lead and are resigning their roles.   We need 4-5 new executive leaders (see Club By-Laws for details at https://linnareaphotoclub.org/about/by-laws/)  At this point, we have had no one show interest in leading going forward.  We hope that changes as life becomes more and more normal. If no one steps up soon, that means the club as we know it dies.  We don’t want that and we hope the members don’t want that either. 

Maybe it does mean we reorganize in some way so leadership isn’t so intimidating. Some like the team format because the full responsibility of the club doesn’t fall on one set of shoulders as president. Maybe someone else is willing to step up to take on some of that responsibility but doesn’t do so because they don’t want to speak in front of the group.  Maybe someone is ready to be president without the team format, or maybe we redefine presidential duties. We can discuss all options.  

Some people may not be ready yet to come back to a group setting, even outdoors. If so, we understand and we will update you on whatever happens at the meeting.  Feedback is always welcome as well. 

Others are comfortable outdoors but not indoors. We hopefully will be able to return to the IBEW hall later this summer, with a few changes, but may want to put that off til fall. Covid protocols can be discussed. 

**So we have an idea what to expect, would you please indicate in the comment section below if you plan to attend the June 13 meeting at Noelridge.  

**Would you also indicate if you are not yet comfortable meeting in person but want the club to continue, perhaps this fall. 

**And finally would you indicate if you are willing to discuss participating in leadership in some format, however that might end up looking. 

Thank you for your cooperation and continued interest in the LAPC.  We have the opportunity to move the club forward in exciting ways as we enter a post Covid world. 

Take care and stay healthy


  1. 1. I will be at the June meeting.
    2. Prefer to start meeting indoors this fall. Club to continue.
    3. Not interested in leadership position at this time.

    • I will be at June meeting.
      I have been vaccinated. Either inside or out is fine with me.
      Not interested in leadership positions.
      Hope the club survives!

  2. I plan to attend the June 13 meeting. I’m comfortable meeting outside, but not inside at this time unless all members are vaccinated…

  3. Vaccinated, but honoring the mask rule indoors or around UN-vaccinated. Can not take a leadership post at this time. Will attend the meeting on Sunday, 13th.
    Not sure where the old playground was but I can probably find it.

  4. Planning on attending the meeting. Not sure where the old playground was but I’ll find it. I’m fine with meeting outside or inside, no problem.
    We do need to discuss the future of the club at some point in time.

  5. When you drive into the park to the pavilion, the old playground was to the right of the drive right before you turn the corner to the pavilion.

  6. I plan to attend the June 13 LAPC meeting at Noelridge.
    I have been fully vaccinated, comfortable meeting outdoors, willing to wear a mask if it makes others more comfortable.
    I am not willing to accept leadership responsibilities at this time, but might in the future, as other commitments change.

  7. I do plan to attend.
    I am fully vaccinated.
    Not ready for any leadership roles at this time.
    Inside, outside, we are all here just to have a little fun.

  8. We will attend the June meeting. We are fully vaccinated. The old playground??? We will find the meeting.

    Not interested in leadership rolls as of this time.

  9. I plan on attending when it isn’t so hot. I have a problem with 90-degree weather. I’ll be back when the weather cools a bit or when you go inside.

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