LAPC camping (RV/Cabin) weekend

I've been talking for a couple years about a LAPC family camping weekend at or near a state park that has both RV hookups and cabins.  In my chatting at meetings, there seem to be several people in club who are interested.  Some destinations that have been brought up are Starved Rock State Park in central Illinois, Neil Smith Refuge, Ledges, etc.  Somewhere within a couple hour to half days drive.
We would do sunrise photo shoots both mornings, on your own in the afternoon, potluck dinner Saturday night, campfires, smores, happy hour, etc.
I want to know who would be interested.  From there we can discuss via email/chat the weekend and then vote on the destination.
Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in a weekend family camping/cabin mini trip this summer.

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