LAPC Snapshot

LAPC Snapshot

August photo contest – Eyes

we had 13 entries
1st place Steve Thompson – Steely Eyes – 17 votes
2nd place Esther Bartels – Eye of the Pelican – 15 votes
3rd place Esther Bartels – Who-oo you lookin at – 13 votes

Upcoming Photo Opportunities


Midwest Old Thresher's Reunion – Mt. Pleasant, IA

FYI… it will be bumper to bumper traffic in Mt. Pleasant until noon on Saturday & Sunday, so if you go early, you'll most likely end up sitting in traffic. Seriously, in Mt. Pleasant. It's crazy.



Tri-State Rodeo

FYI… There is a large parade Saturday morning, lots of horses, lots of clowns cleaning up behind the horses… This is one of the top rodeos on the circuit, I saw Leon Coffey there multiple times, so you will see known rodeo performers.



P&N Flight School 1st Annual Balloon Glow – Marion Airport



Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride



LAPC Waterfall Road Trip – more details coming soon…





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