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More information will be coming soon when we will be meeting next, as well as information on the fate of our annual spring event.

In the meantime, we will be working on adding content and opportunities to interact to our Facebook page (, including contests and challenges. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them!

Please stay safe, take photos, and remember to wash your hands. 😊

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting 

March 8, 2020

Patti Sampson, Secretary

The March Linn Area Photo Club monthly meeting took place at the IBEW Hall on March 8, 2020, with Executive Leadership Team member, Sally Harms, presiding.  

Sally introduced the new Executive Leadership Team:  Pam Olson, Keith Sutherland, Doug Hoeger, Patti Sampson and herself.  She also introduced the committee chairs in attendance:  Barb Gehling, Activities; Kris Hoeger, Membership; Rae Lowenberg, Communications; and Tele-Photo, Cherie Flint.  Sally also introduced past presidents Rick Young, Justin Tedford and Bob Randklev who is also web/Facebook.

Barb Gehling, Activities, reported the Milky Way photo shoot has been moved to August when it gets dark earlier, and we will be able to see it better.  She is also planning a shoot for the rodeo in Lisbon sometime this summer.  On March 28 United Fire Group will be having a workshop at Wickiup Learning Center, RARE.  They will have a few live birds and will also be dissecting some birds.  If anyone has any questions, they can contact Barb.

Rae Lowenberg, Communications, reported she is working on a plan.

Doug Hoeger reported for the Contest Committee.  This month’s theme is tools.  The photos on the separate table are photos members are sharing and not part of contest.

Cherie Flint, Tele-Photo, said there are now two groups going.  She explained a word is given to photograph and passed to the next person.  That person guesses the word, takes a picture of their guess and passes it to the next person. This continues until it reaches the last person.  All photos are then revealed with their Facebook group.  She stated it’s important that members pass it on in a timely manner.

Doug Hoeger told members Jay had a slightly used photo bag for sale.

Sally asked members to fill out the form for Question of the Month on photography workshops, travel and trips.

Our next meeting will be May 3.  It is being held one week earlier to avoid Mother’s Day.  There will be no April meeting.

Rick Young reported on the Spring Workshop on April 25.  The cost is $30 for Day 1.  Our first speaker will be Jillian Bell from Tamron.  She will speak on macro photography. Our second speaker will be Roger Feldhans who will speak on light painting.  Lunch is included in the cost.  Day 2 is optional and costs $50.  There will be two workshops to choose between, macros and light painting.  The link to sign up is on the website.  Rae Lowenberg suggested members share on photography Facebook pages to promote it.

Doug Hoeger reported on Help Portrait.  On March 29, at 2:00, they will have photos from the last Help Portrait displayed at Beems Auditorium at the Cedar Rapids Public Library for members to see the results of our hard work.

Justin Tedford was our “Showcase Photographer.”  He is interested in getting a group together to take in camera movement photos.  We need more volunteers to sign up to be Showcase Photographer.  It should last 5-10 minutes, and you can talk about your pictures or just show them.

Marla Henry told us about her “Brief But Spectacular Moment” when she found out the Blue Angels were performing and she just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Sally Harms told us about Dorothea Lang, for her “Photographers You Should Know.”

Pam Olson had the “Tip of the Month” on memory cards.

Cherie Flint showed her “How I Did That” on a heart reflection photo she took.

Cherie Flint gave a presentation on “Shadows.”  Cherie showed members how shadows can add depth of field and texture to a photo.  She also explained the difference between a shadow and a silhouette and showed pictures taken with lights at different angles to show the effect of lighting and shadows.

Doug Hoeger reported the contest winners this month for tools was first place, Doug Nauman, second place, Mari Phelan and third place, Rick Young.

Members then had an opportunity to go to various light box stations to experiment with shadows.  Members could also go outside and take shadow pictures.

Meeting was adjourned. 

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