Let’s take 10 minutes at each meeting to share a little bit of what YOU like to ‘shoot’!

Yes, we want to see what you like to take photos of!  Are you interested in showing some?

We all have things we somehow seem to shoot over and over, and suddenly we discover that we have a ‘theme’ or a ‘collection’.  Whether it’s reflections of some sort, your pet, a doll collection, kids, trees, birds, nature, landscapes, night photos, things you see on your walk to work, food items you’ve made, flags in the wind, view from your dock, sunrises and or sunsets … anything goes!

So…we ask that you go through your photos and put 10-30 of them on a flash drive.  Then at each meeting, just for fun, we’ll take 10 minutes and you will get to share your ‘theme’. We’ll get to see what we all like to shoot and maybe even get some feedback.

This will be quick and ‘easy schmeezy’ and oh so fun! No need to have to make a big presentation, we’d like to keep each person to 2-3 minutes so several people can share.  Just quickly share what you have been shooting.  

We will start this as soon as we can meet back in person, indoors. Maybe we can possibly show 1 to 3 flash drives each meeting.  So be ready!  

Please post any questions, thoughts or comments on the website or email [email protected] with Ten in the subject heading.  Thank you! 

Mari Phelan
Program Committee

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