Looking for some feedback…

I'm looking for some feedback from the club…

I was talking with an internet friend/aquaintance that is a pro photographer, and was giving him a hassle about when he was going to come to the midwest to give a seminar/presentation now that he is done with his regular scheduled stuff. He responded that he “didn't have plans yet but wanted to get out here sometime… I'm open to suggestions”!
What I'd like to do is see how many people would be interested in getting him to Iowa for a day. I'm going to talk with Bob R. and Bob L. at the meeting this weekend to see what kind of interest there would be for the club and what options we have. Give us some feedback if you make it to the meeting!

Some of you have seen his work and not known it, he is very highly published, maybe you already know who he is and follow his work?
His name is Jon Cornforth.
Below are a couple links if you would like to check out his work, maybe you will be saying “I know that photo!”
I've been following his work for the last 3-4 years… you won't regret taking a little time to look at the links below!



  1. The Cornforth photos are great!!!!! If his presentations are half as good as his work I would really be interested in what he has to offer.

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