Loveland CO Photography with Bob Campagna

We are looking for LAPC members who might be interested in a 3 or 4 day photography trip to CO.   Possible stops on the trip would be Rocky Mountain National Park, Ft. Collins area, Poudre Canyon and some ghost towns.  Initial dates for the trip would be eiher late September or early October.  If enough members and their spouses are interested, we will try to get reservations at a guest ranch near Loveland.  Please email me if interested.

Bob Lancaster

[email protected]


  1. Hi Bob,

    Wanted to get back to you on the possible CO trip in the fall. Depending on the cost, yes, I would be very interested in this.

    Thank you for posting…

    Jody Thompson
    LAPC member

  2. I am interested in the possible trip out to CO in the fall. Cost would be a factor but I really would like to go if you have enough interest and the dates work out.

    Thank you,

    Karen Bradley
    LAPC Member

  3. My wife & I would be interested in going as well… Would need to get a look at some hard dates, since we would both be taking time off from work. Would also need to get a very good look at the price.

    Sounds enjoyable!

    Ian Philbrick
    (newer) LAPC Member

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