May Meeting Minutes

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting 

May 1, 2022

Julie Coder, Secretary, and Patti Sampson

Sue Biederman, President, called the meeting to order. 

Keith Sutherland, Treasurer, reported that we have about $5500 in treasury, approximately $1500 of which is for HELP portrait. 

Pam Olson, Program Committee Chair, said Kerry Lawrence has been working on collecting photos for a comparison of lab printing quality. She said the program theme for next month will be for members to compare prints and lab results. 

Justin Tedford presented on The Basics of Flash Photography. 

Sue said Help Portrait still needs a chair or co-chair.

Rick Boots needs two people to help with the Linn County Fair to judge their photo contest on June 21.  Kerry Lawrence volunteered to help and one more is still needed.

Keith Sutherland is working on the new website.  Pam asked if they could have a training session.

This month’s contest theme was The Open Road. Contest winners were:  First Place – Chris Kardos;, Second Place – Steve Thompson; and Third Place – Bill Schoon. 

The next meeting is June 12.

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