Meeting canceled

Due to intermittent showers and possible wet and muddy ground, this Sunday’s LAPC meeting is canceled. The former and current officers will still gather at Sue’s condo at 2:00 for our bylaws meeting.

See everyone next month!


  1. Hi Pam,

    I made the mistake of assuming that rain chances were so slight that the club would meet on Sunday. The NWS stated that there was only a 15% chance of rain in Cedar Rapids, and so I decided to drive down from Waterloo, some fifty miles away. I wasn’t smart enough to check your website first, so I have no excuses for not knowing that the meeting was cancelled. My bad.

    I’m going to assume that in the future, as the LAPC regains its financial footing, the club will find a suitable permanent indoor meeting site. Along that line, I’d like to make a suggestion, although you may deem it as unrealistic…

    The Des Moines Camera Club has an interesting setup. Anyone can attend meetings for free, but if a person wants to submit a photo in a contest, that person must pay an annual $65 member’s fee. That makes really good sense to me, and so I will ask if it might be a good idea to adopt that for the LAPC. At one time we had a great meeting place, the Wikiup Hills Nature Learning Center, but I was told that when the Center raised its rates we couldn’t afford to stay. Is it at all possible that, if the members approve of an increase in a yearly membership fee, we might be able again to rent out the same space in the Nature Center? Perhaps not, but it might be something that’s worth bringing up in the next meeting.

    Lastly, what do you think of a possible name change for the club? If potential members from outside of Linn County are seeing ‘Linn Area Photo Club’ they may think that they have no right to join. Would a name change to ‘Eastern Iowa Photo Club’ possibly pull in more members?

    Thanks for reading, and if you wish to bat around ideas on this or other projects, by all means feel free to call me a 319-296-1196.


    • I’m sorry you had to drive all the way down here. Did you get the email we sent out the night before telling people to check the website for information? Right now we don’t have the tech capabilities to get an email out on short notice; messages are sent after 5:00 the day something is posted.

      We do have an indoor meeting space, but are choosing to meet outside due to Covid right now. Many members were not yet comfortable with meeting indoors. We meet at the IBEW hall on the west side of Cedar Rapids. The address should be on the website. Yes, Wickiup was going to start charging us, and a member graciously arranged our moving to the IBEW hall, which is essentially free (we provide some photographers for an event for them). Tentative plans are to return to the IBEW in September, though that of course will depend on the Covid situation. Be sure to check the website before the August meeting for updated info in case we have another weather situation.

      I will pass your name change idea to the Executive Board.

  2. Thank you, Pam, for taking the time to reply to my post.

    Needless to say, had I checked the latest posts from the LAPC on Saturday evening I would have found out that the meeting had been cancelled. Lesson learned on that.

    It’s great that we still have the IBEW hall for indoor meetings, and hopefully that will be our indoor gathering place for quite some time into the future. I was there for one meeting before the Covid, and I like that it’s really spacious. As well, it’s quite a bit easier to get to than Wickiup was. I have to admit, though, that the Wickiup Nature Center is really quite beautiful, and in itself would provide wonderful creative photo opportunities.

    If we’re able to hold the August meeting, it would be interesting to see if there may be tentative plans for various months over the coming year.

    Thanks for reading.


    • Alan,
      Yes, Wickiup was a lovely location but things change. There is no reason we still couldn’t use it for a photo shoot at some time.

      The newly formed Program Committee is working on plans for the upcoming year. They will be posted as soon as some things are finalized. We are always open to suggestions.

      Hope to see you in August.

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