Meeting November 8th at 1:30

The Linn Area Photo Club will meet via Zoom at 1:30 on November 8th.   The program will include continuing our discussion from last month on the future of the club as well as a vote to waive the bylaws so we can defer electing new officers til June 2021. 

In addition, members are invited to share photos they have been taking over the last eight months. These do not have to be your “best work”; the idea is to share fun photos of how you have been coping during the pandemic/derecho, or anything that might brighten our day (please, no political content of any sort).  Photos will be shared with the Screen Share feature on Zoom.  You just need to have your photos open on your computer to be able to share them.  

Vote on bylaws
Discussion of roles and format of ELT going forward
Discussion of Facebook 
Discussion of the question “What would the ideal photography club look like to you?”
Sharing of “fun” photos to brighten our days, done through Zoom screen share.

Hope to see a lot of you there!  The future of the club depends on your input and participation. 🙂

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