Meeting Reminder: Sunday, August 9th

As a reminder we have a meeting on Sunday and we have two photo contests:

1) Neon Lights  (carryover from last month) and

2) Panorama

Print and digital formats excepted.    Send digitals to [email protected] by end of day Saturday.



Meeting Topic:      Measuring/Metering Light:

Photo Pro Team –  Dave & Justin

Ever wonder how the pros get that perfect light reading?    PhotoPro will cover:

  • White Balancing:  Natural Light, Flash, LED, Florescent, Incandescent, or a Combination. 
  • In-Camera Light Meter: Center-weighted versus Spot versus Matrix metering.  
  • Hand Held Light Meters:Incident vs. Reflected
  • Grey Card / Exposure Disk / Reflectors / Other Light Metering Tools & Aids

I hope to see all of you on Sunday!!!!!


Rick Young

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