Milky Way Night Sky Shoot

Esther Bartles

Marla Henry

(click on images for the best viewing… thank you Esther & Marla for these great images)

You Asked We Delivered

So last year many of our Club Members asked for some night sky photography……. so here is your chance!

If we can find 15 people interested in a Milky Way / Night Sky Shoot in July at the observatory at Palisades, they will open up the building and have someone from the astronomy club be onsite to assist us.

The cost is $2 a person with a minimum of 15 people.    The exact date to be determined once we get a commitment from at least 15 Club Members.

So if you have an interest, please sign up at:

Or send an email today to:  [email protected] today.

Barb Gehling – Activities Chair





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