Minutes from February 13th Meeting

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting

February 13, 2022

Patti Sampson (filling in for Secretary Julie Coder)

Sally Harms, presiding in absence of Sue Biederman, called the meeting to order.

Jennifer O’Hare, Membership Chair, informed members they could pay their dues online or talk to her.  Dues are payable every February.  We had four guests at the meeting.

Patti Sampson read highlights of the minutes of the November 14, 2021, meeting.  There was no correspondence.

Sally reported for Treasurer, Keith Sutherland, that we have $6,516.  Of this $1,600 is Help Portrait funds.

Bill Schoon, Contest Chairman, explained that for our monthly photo contests we will vote with two chips.  A white chip is worth two points, and a colored chip is worth one point.  Members should vote for their first-place choice with a white chip and their second-place choice with a colored chip.  Chips should be split between two pictures.  Highest points will go to first place, then second and third place.

Amy Mueggenberg, Help Portrait, announced she is retiring from Help Portrait.  If anyone is interested in taking over, please let her know and she will help for the next year.

Pam Olson, Program Committee, announced they are using the expertise of our members as speakers for our meetings.  Nicole Jackson is speaking today, Don Nelson in March, Carl Bracken in April, and Justin Tedford in May.  If anyone is interested in speaking at a meeting and sharing their expertise to let Pam know.

Mark Oehler donated some of his older equipment to go to members and a good home.  Amy will give each member five tickets to put in cups for items of their choice.  We will draw tickets at the end of the meeting.

Pam stated she had an idea that instead of our monthly tip, that members could bring questions for group help.  Connie Wedemeier asked if there was a way to take a picture of a tombstone without getting her own reflection in it.  Some answers were polarizing, the angle of the shot, and using non-shiny foam core with a hole cut out the size of your lens.

Pam spoke about nametags and led an icebreaker.  Members were given a name tag that was not their own.  They had to find the correct person.  Once you had your name tag, you had a colored square on the back.  Matching colors met in a group to play Two Truths and a Lie.  Each person should tell two true things about their photography and one lie and others in the group had to guess which statement was the lie.

Name tags will be collected at the end of the meeting.  Pam will have the rest of the members’ name tags finished for next month.

Nicole Jackson presented her program on Food Photography which included Food in Motion and Floating Food.

For Take Ten, Ron Ginther, Bill Schoon and Dave Maley shared some of their photos.

Contest winners were Jennifer O’Hare, first place; Bill Schoon, second place; and Bill Schoon and Mike Schoon (two pictures) for a three-way tie for third place.  Members should be sure to have their name and directional arrow on their contest pictures.

Pam went over the changes being proposed for the Bylaws.  Members can also view them online.  We will vote on them in March.  If anyone has any questions, please contact Pam. 

Our next meeting is March 13 at 1:30, and contest for March is food photography.

Tickets were then drawn for donated items from Mark Oehler.

It was then moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned.


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