Minutes from June 13th Meeting

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting

June 13, 2021

The June Linn Area Photo Club monthly meeting took place at Noelridge Park on June 13, 2021, with Executive Leadership Team member, Pam Olson, presiding.  

Doug Hoeger, Treasurer, reported the Club has just over $5,300.  

The group was asked for their thoughts on whether the club should continue and any suggestions they may have.  They were also asked for their thoughts on the current leadership team format versus the president and officer format.  There was much discussion including having a program committee.  Also discussed was having more committees to take the pressure off the president and allow more participation by members.

We will still be able to hold our meetings at the IEBW Hall, and we can start meeting there at any time.  They do have new procedures on getting the key, and we will need to clean the restrooms before we leave.  

Discussion of having a swap meet was discussed.  Kerry Lawrence said he would volunteer to set one up at a later time.

There was more discussion on the program committee and how it could work, and more discussion on continuing with a leadership team or going back to a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer format.  

Kerry Lawrence made a motion to return to our prior structure of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer with committees.  There was a second and after much discussion the motion carried unanimously.

It was mentioned that our club is a teaching club.  It was suggested that we have a question and answer/discussion time at the meetings for sharing ideas.  There was also discussion that members need to volunteer for committees, etc., for the club to be successful.

Several members volunteered to run for office.  They were:

Sue Biederman for President

Kerry Lawrence for Vice President

Julie Coder for Secretary

Keith Sutherland for Treasurer

Patti Sampson moved that the above slate of officers be elected for the 2021-2022 year.  Cherie Flint seconded and motion carried.  

John McMillian volunteered to be on a sanitation committee.

The program committee was discussed further, and the following members volunteered to be on the committee:

Pam Olson

Mari Phelan

Deb Chehak

Nicole Jackson

Don Nelson

Marylynn Murray

It was mentioned that our current bylaws will need to be changed back to the old format of officers and the committees revised.

It was decided to have our July and August meetings at Noelridge Park. We will not have treats at this time but may resume later in the year.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Patti Sampson, Secretary


  1. I just wrote an email about finding someone to help me with my Nikon camera, I’m hoping to get a reply.

  2. Hello, it has been a while. I’m going to Africa this November and I have not taken many pictures for a while. I’m not sure my camera is set up correctly for bird and animal photography. I need to practice. I miss photo Pro and looking for someone I could met with and check out my camera and take some pictures. Hope every thing is well with you and looking forward to touching base.

    I will look forward to your suggestions.

    • Ann, not everyone reads these comments. With your permission, I will send your question out to the whole group via the club email and you might get more responses, if Doug and Justin haven’t been able to help you.

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