Minutes from November 14 Meeting

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting

November 14, 2021

Julie Coder, Secretary

Sue Biederman, President, called the meeting to order.

Doug Nauman gave a presentation about light and falloff. His presentation slides will be posted to the LAPC Facebook group.

Connie Wedemeier gave a presentation and update regarding the Facebook group and showed members how to join. Members need to click “Join” to access two questions they need to complete in order to request access to join. Connie gave an overview of the site. A suggestion was made to follow-up with non-members to encourage them to join. Connie is able to reply to requests to gather more information. Connie did express concern about giving people too much information in case their interest is not legitimate. Pam Olson said she did a search for Linn Area Photo Club, but sometimes the search brings up two different Facebook pages.

Jennifer O’Hare, a new LAPC member, said she followed the process to join during Connie’s presentation and felt it was simple.

One stipulation for the Facebook group is that pictures of railroad right of way not be posted. Members discussed when this is a concern, since trains are a common subject for photographers. Connie said it depends on where you’re standing; you can’t stand on railway property. She prefers to avoid pictures of trains to avoid any issues. Sally Harms said there are many kinds of pictures that would be considered illegal, and it’s the responsibility of the member [to know the legalities], not the club. Connie said the objective was to deter any safety issues, as this was something that was common on other Facebook pages.

Connie asked how members would like to use the group. Pam would like it to be a way for members to organize informal shoots. One member asked if there were any links to help with post processing. Connie said not at this time, but that’s something to consider. Pam suggested that members post links to good instructional videos when they find them.

Connie also encouraged members to upload pictures they like, with an explanation of what they like about it and other relevant information, such as camera settings. She encouraged members to post questions for other members to answer.

One member asked about posting gear for sale or trade. Connie said you can post your personal equipment only, not commercial sales. Or if you’re in search of something, you could inquire.

Pam commented that the Facebook page is something that was mentioned a while ago, and Connie has done a fantastic job with setting it up.   

Nicole Jackson asked if Take 10 (10-20 images) could be uploaded to Facebook. Diane Wheeler Dunn thought there was a limit, but it would have to be researched. Also, members should be mindful of the resolution; large images will have a slow loading time.  

Pam shared information about the nametags. Members should identify a couple of things they like to shoot, as a way to communicate with other members. Members were encouraged to update their information. Nametags are expected to be printed by January and will be provided to all paid members.

For Take Ten, Mari Phelan showed pictures of trees with “faces.” Carl Bracken presented astrophotography and infrared landscape images. Carl is a member of the observatory. He said the club might be able to coordinate an activity for interested members to see their setup and equipment, etc.

Julie Coder, secretary, asked if there were any other nominees for election; no one was mentioned. Unanimously, the current executive members were elected to continue through 2022.

Rick Boots, Contest Chair, not present. Pam said there was a two-way tie for the light painting contest, Connie Wedemeier and Mary Howes.

Sue said we need a Membership Chair person. Jennifer O’Hare later agreed to take that role.

Sue moved that the meeting adjourn. Kerry seconded.

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