Minutes November 8, 2020

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting 

November 8, 2020

Patti Sampson, Secretary

The November Linn Area Photo Club monthly meeting was held by Zoom on November 8, 2020, with Keith Sutherland leading the meeting.

Keith stated the Executive Leadership Team would like to defer voting for officers and suspend all Club activities until we can meet again, probably in June 2021.  It was moved and seconded that the Club’s bylaws be waived, and election of officers be held in June 2021.  Motion carried.

There was discussion on the roles of the Executive Leadership Team.  Pam suggested that the treasurer and secretary would not have to be part of the planning teamand could attend Executive Leadership Team meetings as they are needed or able.  If the secretary could not be at a meeting, one of the planning team members could take notes.  The remaining three leadership team members would plan meetings, etc.

Doug Hoeger told members his role as treasurer is mainly writing checks, making deposits, and is treasurer for Help Portrait.  Our insurance was discussed.  The cost is $318 a year.  Doug is going to find out if we can get a better pricesince we are not having any meetings until June.  Patti Sampson reported her role as secretary is taking the minutes at all regular and Executive Leadership Team meetings.  Kris Hoeger reported on her role as membership chairman which includes taking checks, keeping track of membership dues, and checking in members at meetings.  She stated it helps if the treasurer and membership chair can work well together.  

Connie Wedemeier spoke on the Club’s Facebook pages. She felt there was no benefit to starting a Facebook page if not a plan to promote it.  Connie explained with a Facebook page the administration group can post andothers can only respond.  If others do post, it goes to a separate area and must be shared by an administrator to a main timeline.  A Facebook group anyone can post, and it shows up in the main feed.  Pam stated she would like a private group page so more personal information and contact information can be shared and possible meet ups for photo shoots could be arranged.  It was discussed we could put information on the website to notify members when the page is ready.  Pam and Connie will research theissue of who can see the pages when being searched.

Pam then asked members what they would want from a club when they join it.  Some responses were education, speakers, talking to other members about photography, hands on practical activities, structured photo shoots, actual practice with instruction, small group photo shoots, taking photos in black boxes, annual speakers and sharing with people who have the same interests.

There was discussion on the cost of our dues and if any changes should be made.  It was decided nothing would be done until the Club gets back to meeting in person.  It was also discussed on how to get our name out to the public since Photo Pro had helped spread the word about our club.  It was also mentioned that guests can attend one meeting free.  

Connie suggested we should start planning now on how to promote our first in person meeting.  Doug suggested a picnic to kick off meeting again in June 2021.

There was discussion on attracting younger members to join the Club through schools, yearbook students, etc.

Members then shared some of their photos.

Meeting adjourned.

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