Monthly LAPC Digital Evaluation Rules

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LAPC Digital Evaluation Rules

  1. This is an open theme digital evaluation. It is open to any allowable image by LAPC (Linn Area Photo Club) contest monthly rules.
  2. Submitting photographer must be a member in good standing with LAPC (Linn Area Photo Club)
  3. Two (2) digital images may be submitted per calendar month per photographer
  4. Entry deadline is midnight the last day of each month in order to receive feedback by the next month
  5. Must be written in the e-mail subject line: Contest Submission
  6. To be qualified for evaluation the following information must be included in body of e-mail
    1. Photographers Name (not just e-mail name)
    2. e-mail address
    3. title of photo
  7. Requirements of photo for submission
    1. JPEG images only
    2. Maximum file size of 2048 pixels on the long side
    3. Minimum file size of 1024 pixels on the short side
    4. Images must be submitted in correct orientation
  8. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours of submission of photo
  9. Rules are subject to change or modification by the LAPC (Linn Area Photo Club)  Contest Committee at any time without notice


E-mail address for submitting digital photos for critique:     [email protected]


LAPC Photo Contest Committee            4-17-2016

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