Name tags-Last chance

I will be printing name tags for those who are and plan to stay members in 2022 (including anyone who may have just joined). I have about 50 tags printed. I would like to complete this task as it is easier to print them a bunch at a time than individually. Otherwise it can waste the pre-scored paper I'm using. Obviously, if new members join later in the year, they will get a name tag but it may be a temporary one til I get several to print. If you have not provided me the information for your name tag (or if you are not sure you have), please send me the info at [email protected] I need your name, the brand camera(s) you shoot, and two to three types of photography you like to do. Even if you have not paid your dues, but intend to, please send me this information. Thanks!


  1. HI Pam,

    I just renewed, but I think I had earlier sent a message stating my intent to renew and generate a badge for me. Thx Mike

    • You had said you were going to rejoin but did not send me name tag info. I need the camera(s) you shoot and 2-3 shooting interests you have. That said, it is too late to get a name tag by the February meeting (blame it mostly on Avery software malfunction that did not save my work). No worries for now, it doesn’t affect your membership and we will just give you a stick on one this time.

  2. Not sure if I did this or not. I remember we talked about it (as a group). I just do not know if I actually gave you the info.

    NAME: Michael L. Schoon
    CAMERA: Canon
    LIKES: Landscapes Stuff (objects & things) Macro
    Basically, anything that might catch my interest when I happen to
    have my camera.

    • I think I have one for you but will check. If I don’t, see my comment to Mike below. The software thing is maddening, as I have to start completely over for new tags. The ones that were done I have a pdf file saved at least.

  3. Name for name tag Steven H. Thompson

    If it gets in front of the camera, I will most likely take a picture of IT.

    • Please see my two previous comments. The “last chance” for name tags call went out several weeks ago. I will not be printing any more til I can 1) figure out why Avery won’t let me sign in and save files any more (my very original file is saved) and 2) I start from scratch to create the template again for the lost files, whether I use Avery or some other software. I will add your info to the list for the next round.

  4. Name tag- Jody Thompson


    I prefer landscape & macro but have been known to take several of our grandchildren also.

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