Thoughts for the November Meeting

Just a reminder of the vote to be taken at our Zoom meeting on November 8 at 1:30. Please attend so you can be part of the voting process. 

The Executive Leadership Team has determined that the LAPC will go into hiatus until June of 2021.  No in person meetings will be held until then. In the unlikely event that it is safe to gather in large groups before then, we may resume sooner, but that is the current plan.  Since our bylaws state that elections for new officers are to be held in November, we will be putting forth a vote at the November meeting to waive the bylaws so that the election can be held at the June 2021 meeting.  

At that election, a new slate of leaders (ELT) will be chosen.  Our recently revised leadership format, the Executive Leadership Team, consists of five positions, with one of those being the treasurer.  Additionally, one of those five members serves as secretary. The team members function equally, with consensus being the preferred method of decision making.  All are tasked with the overall running of the club, as per the bylaws, including planning for monthly meetings.  The first ELT had decided that each team member would have the responsibility of planning one to two monthly meetings, and that committee chairs would be offered the opportunity to do the same. No one person would bear the burden of planning for 11 monthly meetings. 

A new ELT may determine to function differently, depending on those leaders.  But the goal is to take the LAPC forward in new and exciting ways.  Coming back from the pandemic will offer both challenge and opportunity:  challenge, as we will have been apart for over a year and membership and interest will have changed;  opportunity because it will be a time of rebirth out of necessity that opens the way for new visions.  

The current committee structure may also need to be expanded and/or updated when we regather.  The ELT chooses committee chairs and the chairpersons are welcome at full Executive Board meetings.  Volunteers are always welcome to chair committees or to serve on committees.  Please let current or future ELT members know if you are interested in committee work. 

We will be seeking members to run for the ELT prior to the June meeting. If you are enthusiastic about the club, please consider joining with others to lead us into a new future.  If you have questions, feel free to contact any current ELT member. 

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