OnOne Software update & FREE versions

OnOne software has released a new update to it's Perfect Photo Suite, now 6.1, but that's not all!

For those who do not own the suite, you can now have two parts of the suite for FREE!

Layers 2 and Perfect Effects 3 are now released as stand alone products. Layers 2 is the full version that can be used on it's own to add layers to a photo, just like in Photoshop, or it can be used directly from Lightroom4 (and previous versions), PS, and Aperture! An easy and free alternative to purchasing Photoshop!

Perfect Effects 3 is the same as the full version but you don't get as many “effects” as you would with the Suite version. Effects can be applied (multiple effects too) and can be adjusted just like a layer in PS  by adjusting the strength (opacity). It too can be accessed from LR, Aperture, PS, or as a stand-alone.

Check out some of the tutorial videos and download the software! You might find it an awesome replacement if you can't afford PS or don't want to deal with sorting through all the options available in PS.
I personally own the full Suite and really like all you can do with it, I just need to find time to learn it more thoroughly before people start asking me to give a demonstration.  ;o)



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