Plans for the Pandemic

Your board of directors met by Zoom today, trying to sort out what we could safely do for LAPC members.  Our current plans are:

All face-to-face meetings of the club are cancelled until further notice.  We expect this to last at least through December, but would of course be happy to be surprised and restart sooner.

We have cancelled the delayed Spring Event this year, and will issue refunds to all who registered.

We will be cancelling Help Portrait this year.

Because the club has been able to do so little this year, your paid 2020 membership makes you a club member through December, 2021.

We would like to try holding some online meetings.  Our goal would be to have a live (not pre-recorded) program, a photoshare of some sort, and perhaps a monthly contest with images submitted electronically and judged online.  The meetings will be at the normal club meeting time, second Sundays at 1:30 PM.

The board would like to hear your opinions about all this, and especially about on-line meetings.  Please provide them in the comments


    • What skills or techniques are you interested in learning with LR and PS? What are you struggling with that you would like to have some instruction on?
      Let’s try and compile a list of skills that would help the majority of members learn new skills.

  1. Starting mid-March, Iowa City CC has continued regular meetings twice a month via Zoom. We usually have 2-3 screen share presentations by club members as well as image sharing and critique sessions. It has worked very well and I encourage LAPC to give it a try.

  2. I would appreciate live Zoom meetings since I live in the Iowa City area. Live instruction with a chat to ask questions is a start. Sharing images with a peer critique is also helpful.

  3. I’m getting back to photograpy and looking for a club member that is interested in astrophotography, do you have anyone or any suggestions. reply ack to my new email.

  4. I was wondering what you are planning to do about the photo seminar you had planned, it was intially pushed back to September, but even that is looking iffy now. Will you be refunding payments or going to a streaming video format?

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