Posing Workshop / Help-Portrait GCRA pre-event meet & greet & Q/A

We would like to invite all of our Greater Cedar Rapids Area Help-Portrait volunteers as well as any LAPC members wishing to learn the basics of posing to a meet/greet & Help-Portrait Q/A & posing workshop on Sunday December 1, beginning at 3:30pm located at Marion Christian Church, 1050 McGowan Blvd in Marion. 


3:30-4:00 Meet & greet other photographers, assistants, editors & volunteers for GCRA Help-Portrait 2013 event

4:00-4:30 GCRA Help-Portrait general event overview followed by event Q&A

4:30-5:00 Posing workshop lead by Lisa Lewis owner of Envisage Studios of Mt. Vernon:  http://www.myestudios.com/



Amy Mueggenberg

LAPC Activities Officer ([email protected])

Help-Portrait Greater Cedar Rapids Area Co-Coordinator ([email protected])

Marion, IA

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