Possible Photo Shoot – at the Kernels

I have done a little checking in case anyone is interested in this.

One of my many jobs is working for the Kernels, they give no breaks to employees, but I would be willing to do the legwork.

By far the best seats in the house for a group or individuals in my poor photographic way of looking is the Miller Mezanine. It is the best view, safest from the standpoint of people around you, foul balls, and broken bats. it would be the same view from a press-box.

There are no nets blocking the view, you have a great shot of every base, and the dug-out. Plus they usually announce the groups over the PA so you might get some notice from it, or membership interest.

There are limited dates to book 1/2 of the mezz. One-half is 75 seats at $11 per seat. If you have 40 members with a spouse commit you would make the qty. The rental fee is $825 for 1/2, so the tickets are $11 ea. If you do less, the per ticket cost increases to make up the $825 cost.

The management isn't against taking photo's, just don't want a group in the stands blocking other fans views, but if you have ever been in the mezz, nothing else in the park compares. And you have a whole area to yourself.

There is a option to have all the food you can eat for the first three hours from gate opening. The ticket cost would increase dramatically to $27 each.

I will give you the open dates, but just a caution, the dates are filling fast, and it's a no refund deal, it rains, we loose. The mezz is not covered, and if it rains the game will most likely be cancelled.

Night games would turn out to be for high ISO camera owners, average exposure by the pro's with a 400mm F2.8 is ISO 2000 wide open with a shutter speed of 1/400 – 1/640 depending on the area of the field.

Open rental days are: Aug 12th at 2:05 Aug 13th at 6:35

Aug 26th at 2:05 Aug 27th at 6:35………

If this sounds of interest let me know, I think it would be great, but I am known for having goofy ideas. I don't have the pockets to put up the rental fee to hold the area, so we would have to figure that out. Once again this is just a idea i am offering to help out on.

I am working all these dates and would not be able to attend.

Mike Stark…

If someone is interested in heading this up, please contact me ASAP so I can let everyone know who is working on this event.  Thanks. BobL

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