Potential Job Opportunity / Experience In Photography

Let me preface this post….. Linn Area Photo Club does not indorse this organization and has no knowledge of its background or reputation.    The research is left to you…

The Club has received a couple of emails that some of you may have an interest in concerning a part-time photo opportunity.   I know nothing more than what you see below.

Lane Peterson
[email protected]
(850) 906-3642

Good Morning,

Message 1

GradImages is hiring professional and amateur photographers to photograph graduation ceremonies in May and June of this year. This is a great opportunity to work for an established U.S. company. If any of your members have an interest in getting some experience under their belt, and making some money photographing a huge moment in a college students life, could you please send them to www.epghire.com to apply.

Message 2

I work with Iconic Group and GradImages – a company that specializes in graduation photography across the United States and Canada. We are hosting a training/ in person interview in the Quad City area (details to come) on Saturday April 2nd at 9am. After this training, photographers will have the opportunity to work at multiple graduations across the area (anywhere from 1-12 or even more depending on the photographer’s availability). We would love to have some of your members attend the training and work with us! To apply for the position, photographers should visit www.epghire.com and apply for the “Graduation Photographer” position; the photographers can also give me a call or shoot me an e-mail if they would like. I would greatly appreciate your willingness to pass along this information to your members. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail or call me.

All the best,

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