Presentation on Night Sky Photography at April Meeting

New Moon / Jupiter & Saturn Evening Skies Cedar Lake Cedar Rapids, IA December 16th 2020

Night Sky Imaging Presentation

Tools, Testing, Timing & Locations

Linn Area Photography Club

When: April 10th, 2022 / 1:30 – 2:30

Presenter: Carl Bracken LAPC & Cedar Amateur Astronomer member

Synopsys: A basic presentation to share lessons learned over the years developing experience using a quality camera and lens system with a standard tripod and basic cable release or intervalometer to capture interesting night sky images. In the years since my first film image of the Orion nebula using my personal telescope setup at the Eastern Iowa Observatory at Pal Dows Reserve a lot has changed! Typical digital cameras today can easily be setup to capture spectacular images of a range of celestial objects. The program will cover some of the essential hardware and software tools that should be part of a night sky imaging effort. Understanding how any camera and lens system will function in low light conditions is key to achieving successful night sky images I will highlight a unique and free calibration tool that can help illustrate optimal settings for any camera and lens system. Timing and location planning is another key detail when considering a night sky imaging effort, there is definitely an optimal time of year for Milky way scenes that include the Galactic core, what about Zodiacal light season, or meteor showers? Timing and location are as important considerations as camera and lens decisions.

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