Reminder: Annual Photography Contest this Sunday!

A quick reminder to everyone our annual photography contest is this coming Sunday at 1:30pm at Wickiup!

Don't forget to follow the rules!

Our judges will be reviewing each entry for property size, mounting, labeling etc.. as outlined in our rules here:

Annual Contest Rules and Categories

Images must be in the judging room by 1:45pm!

Contest Themes

The annual contest themes are at the bottom of our contest rules page.

The 2012 annual theme is “Country Roads”

Meeting schedule/agenda

Once the judging gets started we will open the floor to discussions and sharing.

If you have a photo you'd like feedback on or a camera question please submit it to the group for feedback.

If you camera related items you'd like to sell you can bring them to share.

We will share suggestions, questions and ideas until the judging is completed and then announce the winners and finalists.

Get out there and take some pictures and I hope to see you all on Sunday!


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