Save The Date: 2017 Linn Area Photo Club Photographers Workshop!



Saturday, APRIL 29th !


For the last 8 years, the Linn Area Photo Club has hosted a springtime LAPC Photography Workshop with the likes of Adam Jones, George Lepp, Rick Sammon and Moose Peterson.    Our 2017 Linn Area Photo Club Photographers Workshop professional will be Tyler Stableford, a top rated and award-winning photographer from the Canon Explorers of Light program.  Tyler can best be described as a Lifestyle/Adventure Photographer.    He captures fine-art portraiture of Americans at work or enjoying their passion.

Check out Tyler's website and see examples of  his images at:  ( 

Tyler will take us through the entire process from “Shoot to Print”.   He will set up at the workshop a photo shoot and you will have the opportunity watch & learn as Tyler walks us through all the steps and thought processes he utilizes to capture one of his award winning photos.

His next educational step will then be to show us his digital workflow… how to  pick the image(s) he wishes to edit followed by the onscreen editing of those images to prepare them for print.   We will learn lots of tips, tricks and secrets of photo editing.

Finally he will walk us through all the steps necessary to print those images.    In the end, his goal we will be for us to see the final prints of several of those images using a Canon printer at the event.

We will learn all the things we wanted to know about how a “Pro” works their magic.

So mark your calendar!   More details to come as we get further into the planning process!   Online registration will start soon.

And as always, Linn Area Photo Club Members, we will need your help to make this event a success!   Send an email to [email protected] if you wish to volunteer or be a part of the LAPC Photography Workshop Committee.

Also, thank you Pam Olson.  She found us an event  location…. New Covenant Bible Church.


Photographers Workshop Committee                                                            2017 Officers

Patti Sampson                                                                                                         Justin Tedford – President

Mark Oehler                                                                                                            Rick Young – Vice President

Pam Olson                                                                                                               David Byrnes – Treasurer

Kris Hoeger                                                                                                             Janet Noltes – Secretary

Doug Hoeger

Rae Lowenberg


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