Save the Tapes Telethon

Hi folks,

If you haven't heard, a group in Mt Vernon is hosting a 24 hour telethon from 8 pm on Feb 20th to 8 pm on Feb 21st to raise money to digitize 2000 VHS videotapes, of local events, that we recorded for KMVL Community Television in the past 26 years. The goal is to digitize the tapes, and store them on a server, so they will be available to the public.

They are looking for performers and donations. Here is the contact information for the telethon performances. You should E-mail Joe Jennison at  “[email protected]” , with contact info and times you can be reached, and he will call you to discuss times still available to perform. You can discuss with him what acts, groups, etc. you have available. I can tell you there will be a piano on stage throughout the telethon if performers need a piano. The performances are approx. 10 minute slots with telethon info, check announcements, etc. sandwiched between them, but a group may have more than one slot in sequence.

Donations can be mailed using the attached form or online at  or at the Telethon on the 20th & 21st. Thanks for any help you can give… appreciate it.

Here is a link to the telethon page:  there is a page on this site with the poster and donation sheets also.

Dean Traver

PLEDGE FORM 10896242_10153537299673709_2452445970333919102_o POSTER 10457689_10153537299583709_7099826980478498049_o

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