Seeking additional images for the seminar that shows the work of LAPC photographers

As of this evening, we have only around 20 images to hang at the seminar. And I know that we easily have 3X that many good photographers in the club. And I know that each of you have at least one image you truly love. With that in mind, Doug and I are asking you to email [email protected] with  your name and a title of that special image you want to share with everyone on Saturday.

Please read the directions below and then bring them to Cedar Valley Bible Church at 5pm Friday night. When you arrive, please find Doug Hoeger.

Here are the rules to be included in the display:

All photos must be mounted/matted to 11×14, the only exception being panoramics. This provides for a nice, consistent looking display.

  1. Each member may submit 1 photo for display.  Additional photos may be submitted if space permits.  (There are 6 panels which hold around 6 photos per side/panel, so we're looking at being able to display approx. 72 photos).
  2. Photos for display should be brought to the April meeting.
  3. Photo info including artist name and image title must  be provided to me at Sunday's meeting to allow for enough time to make the cards for the display.
  4. Photos must be taken down/home immediately following the seminar.

Thanks, BobL


  1. I have one framed (under glass) 11 X 14 image of a steeple in Gettysburg. Also have larger unframed canvas prints (20 X 26) of eagles and other scenes. Can email images. These don’t conform to the request, but if I can help let me know.

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