September 11 Meeting Minutes

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting

September 11, 2022

Patti Sampson (Acting Secretary)

President Sue Biederman called the meeting to order.   Minutes were not read and there was no treasurer’s report.  Contest is Landscapes, Rivers and Lakes.  Each member will be given two chips.  The white one is worth one and the blue is worth two.  Sue reported there are several committees with no chairs including activities and communications, and we are still looking for someone to be secretary.

Pam Olson spoke about annual contest in November.  She stated she and Rick Boots will be helping Bill Schoon with annual contest.  This year we will be following the rules more closely.  Only paid members will be able to submit photos.  There are seven categories this year which are on the website, and the Club theme will be Night or Low Light Photography.  They also encourage that submitted photos be taken the last three years.  It was asked how many are planning to submit photos for annual contest, and many hands went up.  Pam stated they will need volunteers on the day of annual contest for checking in, etc.  Pam has found two judges and is looking for one more.  Bill is working on the criteria for the judges.  Pam reminded members to follow the rules for submitting photos including labeling, mounting photos on foam board 11 x 14 and panoramas 20 x 11 and picture sizes, etc.  Photos must also be submitted by 1:30.

We then discussed ways to promote the club.  Some ideas were a survey and social media.

Pam, Program Chair, stated for October she will see if Justin Tedford will speak, November, Mark Oehler and January the prior speaker who spoke on Fireflies.

Our program was Dean Traver on photography sales.  He spoke about the work involved in keeping books, collecting sales tax, filing taxes, and business decisions.  Some ways to sell fine art are art shows, art galleries, stock photos, website, exhibits, contests and fairs.

Dave Maley spoke to the members about one of his cameras, a Mamiy 645 format camera.

Chris Kardos mentioned a possible way to promote our club is with a brochure that could possibly be placed where cameras are sold.

Bill Schoon announced contest winners:  First place – Gail Vandewalker, second place – Bill Schoon and third place – Chris Kardos.

The contest theme for October is Sunrise/Sunsets.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned.

Patti Sampson

Acting Secretary

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