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First, apologies to those who did not get the message the July meeting was canceled. It was a tricky call.  We don’t have a good system of getting a quick message out to members. Because we could find ourselves in the same position in August, we encourage you to check the website before you come if the weather looks iffy. 

But maybe a few good things came from the few people that still gathered under the tree. A discussion was held to generate ideas for the club.  The Program Committee will certainly look at those suggestions as we plan the year.  If you have other ideas for programs, please contact me at [email protected] (Dave Maley and Doug Nauman, will you please contact me?)

The August meeting activity at Noelridge will feature the scavenger hunt we had mentioned in June.  You do need to bring your cameras again.  You will be given a list of topics to photograph that can be found in the park (ie intersecting lines). You may work by yourself or with a group of two or three for fun. My Program committee tweaked the activity so there are no winners or losers, just a good time.  We will share the photos at the September and October meetings; you can bring your photos on a flash drive to the meeting or you can email them to me at the above mentioned address.  .Jpg please. 

At this time, we are hoping to meet back at the IBEW in September.  The Executive Board is currently in discussion about the Covid protocols that will need to be in place, especially with the rise of the Delta variant. Look for further information to come before September. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in August!


  1. I built a system to get messages out to a swim team I coordinate using text messages. Maybe there is an opportunity there for the club.

  2. I feel highly embarrassed asking this, because photographers are not supposed to be blind! I haven’t been able to attend an LAPC meeting for quite some time, due to ill health, and so I’ve forgotten exactly when we’re supposed to meet every month, and I can’t find that information on the website. I THINK it was the second Sunday of every month, but I’m not sure. Once burned, twice learned, so I’m not going to make the mistake of travelling down to Cedar Rapids on an uninformed assumption.

    I will feel about an inch tall when you tell me the very simple place I could have found that info on the LAPC site, but I suppose I’d better make absolutely sure of when the meeting is taking place. From your post I’m assuming that it will be in the park again, apparently underneath some tree somewhere, but as time permits your schedule, would you be able to tell me exactly what date and time the meeting is taking place? Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.

    • It is now July 29, my birthday. Just for the fun of it, did anyone wish to give me the very simple information I asked for? Thank you for all help.


      • Happy birthday, Alan. I am sorry you have not gotten a timely response to your question. The problem is that we are not notified about comments being posted. For a quicker response, email addresses are now posted on the web site for the officers. Try [email protected]

        To answer your question, we are taking it month by month on where we are meeting. It’s the second Sunday of the month at 1:30 and is usually at the IBEW hall. But due to Covid we have been meeting outside at Noelridge Park, and will be there on Aug 8. Hopefully you got the email about that. Park in the lot by the lagoon. You will see us gathered under a tree to the south of the parking lot. We don’t rent the pavilion because they don’t rent it during the hours we need it. Bring your camera this month. I hope that answers your question for now.

      • Alan, I am seeing that you have not been a paid member for quite a while. That makes me wonder if you are on the membership list so you receive email updates, or if your email address is even current if you are. That might help you feel more up to date. You can renew your membership online or in person if you come to Sunday’s meeting. And if you want to read updates, you can also find them under the News section on the website. Those have pretty much explained what is happening. But you have done that since you are commenting. : )

        We are in leadership transition as well as dealing with Covid. We will be updating the website when things become more definite. Otherwise News is likely your best option.

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