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State Fair entry information is posted for 2022. Go to the main Fair website to find it.

Without Photo Pro (sigh), I (Pam Olson) will be again sending my photos to be printed at MPix. I used them last year and thought they did a great job.

I was preparing my order today, and realized I was going to have to spend $9.00 in postage as I am not having as many printed as last year. Would anyone like to share an order with me, so we can share postage? (I only need about $5.00 more in orders to save that $9). I am getting my entries ready early this year as I will be leaving on vacation just days after the first date the entries can be postmarked, and I don't want to be messing with mounting photos along with getting ready for a major trip.

Also, postage has gone up so much that I wondered if anyone would like to try to package their photos together with someone else to send them to Des Moines. With gas prices, it's still probably cheaper to mail them, but we might be able to save a bit if we did it that way. You can respond to either of these requests in the comments section below, and I will contact you.

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