Sunday’s LAPC Meeting Update

Bad News… Good News!      or maybe its   Good News…. Good News!


Bad news….Doug Benton (Hawkeye Community College ) who was scheduled to be at Sunday's Meeting has ended up with a conflict and will not be presenting Commercial Photography this Sunday.     Bummer.

However, two months ago Adam Hunter from Hawkeye Community College did a presentation for us and many of you asked for him to come back.    Doug has recruited Adam to take his place this Sunday!!!!

So the bad news of Doug not presenting this month is really good news, because he (Doug) has agreed to come and do his Commercial Photography program early next year.   So, I see this as a Win/Win.  We got two presentations out of one.

See you Sunday!

If you have  Iowa Wildflowers digital photos for this month's contest, send those to me by Sunday 8:00 a.m.  so I can number them and get them ready.  Send JPG or Photoshop  files only.   Tiff and PNG don't seem to email well for some reason.

Rick Young

President – LAPC

[email protected]


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