Sunday’s Meeting Reminder

When:     September 26

Where:  Join us at Wickiup Outdoor Learning Center for our monthly member meeting.

Time:   Meeting starts at 1:30pm

Presenter/Topic:     Porter's (Paul and his staff) will present “Fan-flash-tic”… how to use your camera's flash.  They will discuss/demo: on-camera, off-camera and studio lighting.

Photo Contest Theme:  Macro

Showcase Photographer:  Ryan Taylor

In addition, at the October meeting we will performing a dual event…

In Ring #1, Club members can bring in a photo (preferably digital… jpg or psd on memory card) and we will provide you with some honest feedback about the photo…  primarily, using Photoshop Elements we will crop, sharpen, edit, and enhance the photo.   We will digitally process the photo as if one of us were entering it into a photo contest.    So if you are willing to bring a photo, accept some feedback, we will attempt to help.   Why are we doing this?  One of the most common things we hear from you our Club Member is, “give me feedback on how I can make my pictures better.”  So, this a attempt to accomplish this.   Our goal is not to offend any of you, but help develop you.

In Ring #2, Club Members can cut some form board or mats to get ready for the November Annual Photo Contest.   So bring in your photo, mat board and/or form board and let's do some cutting.

The October photo contest theme is… Fall Colors.

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