Testing new website features

By now you've received a number of emails from the website via Digitial Photography School or http://digital-photography-school.com. Some of you may already subscribe others may not be aware this is one of the top online training sources for photographers.

They put out a newsletter and feed of articles so I wanted to try and test pulling their feeds through our website to our members.

If you don't want these emails but want our other emails here's a quick tutorial on how to change your profile:

At the bottom of your email click “Profile” after the words Manage your subscription.

You'll be taken to a page with a lot of choices! Emails are put into categories and you can change each category to receive emails by day, week or month or not at all.

It's that simple just pick what you want and what you don't want!

The first time we setup a feed there will be about 10 emails but from there forward they only come along one or two a week so don't worry!

If you have a website you follow with great content you want others to be aware of leave a comment below!

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