Thanks and Congrats!

Thanks to Doug Nauman for a wonderful presentation on the features of light at Sunday’s meeting. The integration of basic mathematical formulas put the exposure triangle in clear perspective (and brought back memories of high school algebra!)  Look for notes from his presentation on our private Facebook group, LAPC Members Connections. 

Thanks also to Mari Phelan and Carl Bracken for their Take Ten photo sharing.  Carl will be invited back this spring to do a full presentation on astrophotography.   Just a reminder, Take Ten is a time to briefly share some of your favorite photos on a theme, with or without narration.  If you have a topic of interest that you would like to share in more than a 3-5 minute presentation, contact the Program Committee and we will gladly find a time for you to do just that.  🙂

Congratulations to Connie Wedemeier and Mary Howes with their tied win of the photo contest, Light Painting.  🎗

Just a reminder there is no meeting in December.   Have a happy holiday season with loved ones.  🎄 🎁 See you all on January 9th!   

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