The LAPC Wants You!

The members of the LAPC have a wide variety of skills and interests in photography. We are interested in learning what yours are. And then asking you to share those interests with the rest of us. 🙂

Do you have a particular photography skill you have developed over the years?  Are you just in the process of learning something new and willing to share that process with us? Successes and failures? Are you good at research and could pick a topic of interest and then share your research?  Do you want to share your process in creating one special photo?  If so, the newly formed Program Committee wants to hear from you!  Let’s make the LAPC truly our club. 

But, but, but… I hear you saying. I’d have to speak in front of the group!!!  I can’t do that!!!   Well, yes, you can. I promise we don’t bite. 😬 We will smile and encourage you and listen to your personal wisdom.  Because I am convinced that we have enough knowledge and expertise and enthusiasm just within our group to take each of us to a new level of growth.  But we need YOU!  Yes, you!!  

Please either respond with a comment below or contact Pam Olson, chairperson of the Program Committee, via the contact form on the website Board Members page, with your ideas, questions, and above all, your willingness to share.  

I’m excited to hear from all of you!  


  1. Hello All I have a few comments to share that might be relevant.
    I have continued to refine my night sky panoramic photography in Linn County and up in Northeast Iowa in Allamakee and Winneshiek counties I think it was a summer of 2020 that we did a zoom presentation I am not sure how well that came off I recall being on a cell phone data link which is not optimal for zoom sessions. I am still very involved as an officer of the Cedar Amateur Astronomers so if there is some interest in trying to setup a future event at that site maybe that is an idea to talk about. The observatory site could offer the benefit of being a convenient location to do some hands-on setup testing before going out to a distant dark sky location. If there is interest, I can help facilitate that we have a wonderful facility not far from Mount Vernon area. Recently I started using my DSLR to shoot time lapse photography my initial target was storm clouds rolling into NE Iowa, followed by a Milky way effort that worked out better. The result is posted on the Cedar Astronomers you tube. Basically, shooting lots of stills with a new intervalometer and then putting it all together for the video.
    Cheers CB

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