The LAPC Will Continue!

Those who attended the outdoor meeting at Noelridge Park today voted to return to the former leadership structure of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. A new slate of officers was voted on and adopted. By-Laws will need to be rewritten and voted on to reflect this change. Meeting minutes will be posted soon. Revised By-Laws will be posted as soon as they are completed and a vote will be held at a future meeting. Look for changes in committees and committee structures to come. We certainly will be looking for volunteers for committees. For now, we just wanted to give you the good news the club will continue. 😊


  1. Although I’m unable to hold any office, due to the fact that I live more than 50 miles away, it is good to see that the club is continuing its operations; the LAPC is, I believe, the best photo club in Iowa, and sorely needed.

    I hope the LAPC will continue with its philosophy of being all-inclusive. We need to have a club that is attractive to those who shoot every-day photos, but also one that encourages creative techniques, in all of their various forms.

    If my health permits, I will look forward to the next meeting, and hope that a particular theme is scheduled for our next get-together.

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