Three Quick Reminders Before This Sunday’s Meeting!

One: Every Club Member is the July Showcase Photographer

All Club Members can submit up to 10 photos you have taken in the last 12 months at one of the Monthly Photo Shoots by sending them to “[email protected]” .   I will show the photos on the overhead for the entire Club to see.   This is your chance to showoff some of your photos without even having to talk about them.

I have gotten a few photos…. but need many more.   Here are some of the shoots we have held thanks to Amy!

*   CR Fire Station               *  Pecks X-Mas                         *  Burning Steel Wool

*   Astrophotography         *  Tropical Fish                        *  Winery

*   Rodeo                                 *  Spring Flowers                    *  Beautiful Food

*   Fall Colors                        *  Christmas Lights                 *  Portrait Studio 

*   SOAR Raptors                 *   Music Store


Two: Monthly Photo Contest is – “Neon Lights”

You can submit your photos in two different formats:

1)   Print – The historical approach.   Rules are the same as always.      

2) Digital –   Send your photos (jpg format) to “[email protected]” and I will load them onto a jump drive and they will be shown on the screen prior to  and during the break. 

Digital photos need to be sent to me by 10:00 pm on Saturday so I can get them organized and numbered for the meeting on Sunday.

Rules are the same as always, the only difference is: 2a)     Entries must be in print form only.   2f)  Minimum size: 8”x10”.  Maximum size” 11”x14”   and 2j)  All entries must have the competitor’s name, image title, and an arrow indicating the “up” orientation on the back in the lower right-hand corner.    These rules do not apply.

Do not watermark your digital photos with you name or any other info.   I will add a number to the photo so members know which photo they are voting for.


Three: Monthly Photo Club Theme is – Photo Retouching

Adam Hunter, Photography Instructor at Hawkeye Community College will demonstrate how to enhance your photos using a variety of Adobe software editing tools to retouch your portraits and still life photos. Did you ever want to know how to: eliminate dark rings and wrinkles around the eyes, fix skin blemishes, soften the skin, balance the skin tones, enhance the subjects eyes?    Did wonder how to fix spots/dust, bur the background, adjust lighting and make your still life objects/portraits pop?   Adam will show us how to do all of this and much more!


Rick Young

President – Linn Area Photo Club


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