Two Weeks Until Annual Contest

The 2019 LAPC Annual Photo Contest is just two weeks away.

Have you started selecting your images and getting them ready?  Reminder:    You can submit up to 17 images (see below).

Photo Pro is ready to print your images.   Tell them you are a Club Member and get a discount.

FOAM CORE:   If you still need foam core I have about 32 white and 35 black still remaining.   Send me an email at [email protected] and let me know how many you want.   You can pick those up at my house just east of Kirkwood.   First come first serve.



2019 Categories and Their Descriptions

1. People and Portraits
1.1. Two (2) entries per photographer
1.2. Individuals or groups of people as the primary focus of the photo.

2. Animals
2.1. Two (2) entries per photographer.
2.2. Domestic, captive or wild.

3. Landscape/Scenery
3.1. Two (2) entries per photographer.
3.2. Photos that focus on natural settings.

4. Close Up/Macro
4.1. Two (2) entries per photographer.
4.2. Showing small subject or detail of larger subject, that fills the frame, is larger than life size.

5. Architecture
5.1. Two (2) entries per photographer.
5.2. Showing buildings, building details, monuments, interiors or exteriors.

6. Anything Goes
6.1. Two (2) entries per photographer.
6.2. Photos can be HDR, B&W, images that don't fit in any of the other categories.

7. Panoramic
7.1. Two (2) entries per person.
7.2. Maximum length allowed is 20″  (2:1 ratio no longer applies). Maximum 11″ height still applies.

8. Action
8.1. Two (2) entries per person.
8.2. An image showing action by a person, animal, vehicle, etc..

9. Club Member Judged Category  “Guilty Pleasures”
9.1. One (1) entry per photographer.
9.2. Judged by the LAPC Members in attendance
9.3. One (1) vote per member
9.4. 1st place only shall be awarded
9.4.1. Category winner shall receive one (1) year paid membership to the LAPC starting January 1st.
9.5. Winning photo is not eligible for best of show award

Couple of Key Rules:

  • Photos must be securely mounted on 11”X14” backing (except panorama). Metal prints (not metallic paper) need not be mounted.
  • All entries must be in print form
  • No restriction regarding print media. Glossy, matte, metallic, metal, canvas etc. are all permissible.
  • Entries may be either color or black and white in any category unless specifically restricted.
  • Entries cannot have been a previous LAPC Annual Contest winner (1st, 2nd, 3rd or Best of Show) Honorable Mention photos may be resubmitted.
  • Panoramic photos need to be mounted to a backing the size of the print.
  • All entries must have the competitor’s name, image title, category to be entered into and an arrow indicating up, on the back, lower right hand corner.
  • No Photographer identifying markings is permitted on front of photo.

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