Upcoming Annual Texas School of Photography – FYI

LinnAreaPhotoClub.org is not endorsing this class but I thought I'd post it in case any of you would be interested. If you do go, let us know!

11:00 PM January 3rd, 2011, Texas School registration opens.

You have heard about the phenomenon of Texas School of Professional Photography, now is the time to participate in this awesome learning experience for yourself.

This is going to be an incredibly exciting year for Texas School. Last year we had over 1000 photographers attend this great school. It is our 36th anniversary. We have 36 classes to choose from, so there are no excuses. The cost is only $495 for TPPA members and includes all evening meals. This is the best education value in the country with the finest instructors in the industry.

Check out the different classes at http://emarketing.trimaxdirect.com/trimax/Click.aspx?ID=6-91947307-29076

Read what another photographer wrote about her first experience at Texas School       http://emarketing.trimaxdirect.com/trimax/Click.aspx?ID=6-91947784-29076

Extra Bonus, if you are a TPPA member or register as a nonmember, you
will be given a coupon to go to the TPPA regional convention FREE, that's
right FREE, nuthing, nada, no money at all.

How do you make sure that you are a part of this incredible event?
Set your clock to register online at 11:00 pm Monday, January 3, 2011.

Remember, many classes fill in only seconds after registration opens, don't be late!

Please join us for our 36th annual Texas School of Professional
Photography, May 1-6, 2011 in Addison (north Dallas) Texas!!!!!

Set your alarm for 11:00pm Monday Night!

Don Dickson
Director, TSPP
Texas School of Professional Photography
1501 West 5th
Plainview, TX  79072
mailto:[email protected]

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