Uptown Marion Photography Project

Uptown Marion Photography Project

Deadline: End of September.

Nick Glew, the Program Director for Uptown Marion has asked LAPC to help put together a photo directory of Uptown Marion.

We are looking for photographers from the club willing to volunteer to shoot photographs of individual buildings in Uptown Marion.  There are just over 175 addresses on the list.  All photos will be used for internal business and a building directory.  There will be no publishing of the photos taken for this photo project without the express written consent of the individual who captured the image.

Please reply to [email protected] by Tuesday August 13th if you are willing to shoot some buildings for this project.  In your reply, please include the number of buildings you would be willing to photograph.  Amy will divide up the address list and get back to you by the end of this week with your street assignments and more information.

Amy Mueggenberg

LAPC Activities Coordinator

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