Virtual Meeting August 9

The club meeting in August will be held online via Zoom.  Please use the link below to join the meeting a few minutes before 1:30 on Sunday, August 9.

Carl Bracken, a member of LAPC and of Cedar Amateur Astronomers, will present on Astrophotography and photographing the night sky.  His image Sunday Service shows the expertise he brings to the subject.  I don't think you will want to miss what he can teach us.

We will also have a photoshare, where we will share pictures submitted by members.  There is no theme for this, but be thinking of one of your pictures that is unusual or has a good story behind it to share with the club.  Details on how to submit your photos will be posted in a couple days.

Join the meeting Aug 9, 2020 01:20 PM Central Time
Meeting ID: 810 4166 3053  Passcode: 228456811


  1. What a joke!!!!!!! Meeting held at the park–president not there. Had to check the web site to find out she had canceled it. Guess there was a meeting on the ninth. No notice out to the members. Had to search the net to see what had been posted somewhere. What a joke. This is just wrong!!!!!

    • Steve, I’m sorry you are upset. Our technology does not allow last minute notices to go out in time; whatever is posted comes out by email after 5:00 on the day it is posted which is why you have to check the site itself for anything earlier. We had suggested after the July meeting was canceled to be sure to check the website in August. We are dealing with a number of issues outside our control—Covid, technology, Iowa weather. I’m not sure what meeting you were talking about on the 9th, there was no meeting scheduled then. There was a zoom meeting on August 9, 2020. I know a few people who did not get the message still gathered in the park on Sunday the 8th. Hopefully we will be able to be more definite going forward and with indoor meetings but with the Delta variant ramping up, I don’t think there can be any guarantees.

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