Yearly Program 2021-22

The LAPC Program Committee has been busy. We have program topics and/or speakers mapped out for many months ahead. This year we are attempting to use expertise from within the club, rather than bringing in a lot of outside people. We have a lot we can draw on internally; it also makes it easier in this time of Covid to be more flexible. We have tried to build off of suggestions we’ve gotten from club members in various ways. If you have a topic you’d like to see, please let us know. Here’s the tentative list, but please allow for flexibility over these next unpredictable months. All meetings except for September will be held indoors at the IBEW hall with Covid protocols in place.

September*: Getting to Know You activities

*This is a “Come at Your Own (weather) Risk” meeting held at Noelridge Park near the lagoon. We will not cancel this meeting for any weather-related reason, but the agenda will be very fluid to accommodate leaders who may not be able to attend.

October: Light painting by Julie Coder

November: Light by Doug Nauman; Annual contest?

December: No meeting

January: Videography by Don Nelson

February: Food photography by Nicole Jackson

March: “Trick” photography by the Program committee (more info to come)

April or May: Beginning Astrophotography by Carl Bracken to be followed at a later date by a photo shoot at the observatory.

We have also been in contact with former Photo Pro folks who may provide us with presentations on macro and flash photography. We’ve talked about presentations on cell phone photography, photo stories, composition, photography careers, where to print photos, and travel photography. We’d like to institute a “pre-meeting” time for newbies to be able to get help from those with more experience. Look for updates to come.


  1. Sorry, We could not make it to the meeting. We could only find a notice under Linn Area Photo Club stating under menu that there were no up coming events.
    We would like to attend the meetings again!!!!! You have hidden the information very well! We will try again next month. Notices 4 days before the meeting and well hidden on the net are not attendance builders!

    Steve & Jan Thompson

    • Steve, are you not getting the emails referring to posts about meetings? It sounds like you might not be. Please reach out to Kris Hoeger if you are not. We sent out several clear notices about the meeting. And as I said in a previous post, you need to look under News to find current info. We understand the website is confusing but currently we do not have control over quite a bit of it. We will be working on that in the future. If you have questions please email one of us; find the address on the site under Board Members. Or post a comment before a meeting so we can respond to you.

      Our next meeting will be back at the IBEW site on the second Sunday in October at 1:30. Covid protocols will be posted soon for that meeting. We really hope to see you there.

      Please use this link to access News.

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