Youth Photo Scavenger Hunt

Youth Photo Scavenger Hunt

Wickiup Hill Learning Center & Area, Linn County

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Linn Area Photo Club will help your child, up to the age of 17; see the world in a whole new light! This photo scavenger hunt will teach basic camera techniques before you set out to hunt for subjects in nature that incorporate colors, shapes, and composition.  Most scavenger hunts ask you to find something and bring it back. This scavenger hunt is different; it asks you and your family to only take pictures of things that can’t be brought back.  Scavenger list will be provided during class.  Must register to hunt. 

Advanced Registration: Required.   Please call 892-6485 before October 3. 

Cost: Free

Good luck and please obey the following rules:

  • Be mindful where you are at. Please do not trespass on private property.
  • If you find it, don't bother it (for example, when you find a bug on the ground, don't kill it and of course don’t take it home!)
  • Each scavenger hunt checklist item found must be a 4×6 print.  Please write on the back of the 4×6 print, your name, contact information, email and what the scavenger hunt item is an image of.  There will be a total of ten prints.
  • Participants have until October 27th, 4:00p.m., LEAVE photos at Wickiup Hill.  Staff will check that all 10 items have been “found” and you can collect a prize.
  • Take your time and enjoy being outdoors!

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