Capture Mexico’s Wildlife in Photos – Robb Report

I saw this article today and tried to find out how to get registered!

Anyone want to go to Mexico and photograph wildlife with National Geographic!

From the article:

Hosted by the National Geographic photographers Steve Winter, Tim Laman, and Brian Skerry, the three-night photography retreat (starting at $4,158 per person) includes guided excursions to photograph the region’s forests and Mayan ruins as well as daily breakfasts, a lunch, and two dinners. Guests will receive one-on-one instruction from the photographers on composition, lighting, metering, equipment, and more. The program is offered from January 24 to 27, with at least three more sessions planned for 2014.

There's a link to the resort but no information on how to book?

Read more here:

If you find more information on the how to book and upcoming events please comment below!

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