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Today we would like to introduce you to a couple of amazing trips that are now open for booking in 2012: Svalbard and Peru.

PERU: After closely following the situation in Libya for the last several months, and despite the major recent advances of the revolutionary groups, we decided that the country will take a fair bit of time to organize itself and to be ready for tourism. As a result, we are now replacing our Libya itinerary with the ever-so-popular Peru Expedition, which we have not run since 2010 and for which we have received plenty of requests. Enjoy reading through our well-tested and popular itinerary, and do not hesitate to join us! We are offering USD 250.- early booking discount until SEP 15th.

SVALBARD: Finally, our long-awaited Arctic cruise to the islands of Svalbard is here, and its time to make the most out of your travel investment! We have chosen the most perfect vessel in the area. Our ice-strengthened, renovated motor yacht has only 6 cabins and the power to take us anywhere in the ice on our private itinerary. Traveling to Svalbard in a small group, rather than on the typical vessels that host 40-60 passengers, guarantees the maximum amount of time for wildlife and nature encounters, and eliminates time wasted while waiting in long logistical lines to get into zodiacs and on shore. We have also chosen the very best time of the season, when snow and ice still covers everything (allowing us to see plenty of bears and seals, as well as to take gorgeous, icy and snowy images); yet when the cruising channels are already open. Only 6 cabins are available, make sure you reserve your spot as soon as possible! USD 250. – early booking discount till SEP 15th.

New genre: You might have noticed some new additions to our website. Under ‘trip types’ on our destinations page, you can see that we have added a new genre: Spirituality and Health. A few months back, our Voodoo Nations of Africa Expedition started causing quite a stir and received some very exciting attention. Spirituality and Health magazine caught wind of this trip, and contacted Jessica to see if she would be interested to write an article on her experiences and impressions of Voodoo practices in this region. In the end, she chose to focus on the spiritual aspects of forgiveness as practiced by Voodoo followers in Gnani Witch Camp – a remote village we visit on our expedition. As a result S&H was so impressed by our trips that they asked us to team up with them to provide tours that appeal to their readership, and provide a new genre of trips. In addition to our Voodoo trip, another tour we have highly recommended is our Greenland Dogsled Expedition. While the Greenland trip absolutely remains a “unique expedition”, it is also an incredibly moving experience, to the extent that our guests felt that they became a changed person after participating in this expedition due to their experiences on the ice and with native peoples. Because of this result, and now teaming up with S&H, we feel that this trip can also be considered a journey to self through a connection with nature, which is why it has been placed under the S&H category. However, while the genre has been changed, the trip experience itself remains the same as it has in the past – one of the most amazing journeys on Earth! Join us on this incredible voyage, our USD 250. – early booking discount will expire AUG 31st.

2012 special offers:
Peru Expedition Open for Booking
Svalbard Expedition Cruise: USD 250.- early booking discount

2012 special offers

Peru Culture & Nature Expedition

Mar 21 – Apr 01, 2012

Peru: ancient, mysterious, rich in character and wildlife. Just the name of its many attractions conjure awe and excitment for even the most well versed adventurer. Travel from beautiful World Heritage Sites to remote islands on Lake Titicaca inhabited by ancient tribes whose history dates back over 1000 years. Immerse yourself in the cool waters of the South Pacific ocean and delight in Sea Lions flipping, twisting, and turning just inches from you. Then hike enigmatic Macchu Picchu and walk with the Incas. Join WANT Expeditions in Peru for the adventure of a lifetime!

USD 250.- early booking discount until SEP 15th.

Svalbard Expedition Cruise

May 30 – Jun 07, 2012

Svalbard is a vast, glaciated archipelago dominated by wild, pointed mountain ranges – a magic world of midnight sun and pack ice, of glittering glaciers and abundant wildlife. This is truly the High Arctic (half way between Norway and the North Pole), home to the world’s healthiest and most protected populations of polar bears, walruses and many other unique species. Our early summer voyage provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to explore this amazing polar wonderland in its full glory, and our choice of expedition vessel allows us for maximum experiences on shore and minimum time spent for waiting in logistics lines.
If you ever dreamed of visiting the Arctic in a group of only 12 like-minded travelers under very comfortable on-board conditions, professional expedition staff, and enjoying limitless shore and Zodiac time for wildlife observation, you do not need to look any further: such a voyage is now possible, as part of WANT Expeditions’ efforts to provide unique and outstanding wildlife adventure experiences worldwide.
Join us on this fantastic departure and experience the ‘world of ice and polar bears’ on board our private vessel! And while our itinerary is absolutely weather dependent, the fact that you’re traveling on a ship that holds only 12, rather than 40-60, you can be assured that you will spend more time on shore and will have come home with more Arctic experiences than you would have ever hoped for, making your travel investment go even further! If you love the Polar Regions as much as us, you must not miss this unique voyage. Join us today!

USD 250.- early booking discount until SEP 15th.

Thank you for traveling with us,

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