Crimes Against Photography

Landscape Photographer Etiquette… or anyone for that matter….

We've all had a run-in, either minor or excessive, with a person or photographer that thinks their shot or time is more important than the time you've already invested in setting up, or getting your shot. Maybe you haven't had the privilege of meeting one of these people?  Some people either don't have any consideration, or they just never learned to share growing up? I did have a mild experience in Arizona, but it was quickly diffused by a couple other photographers that had my back, because I shared the spot with them to get great shots before the “group” and their leader showed up, (and the participants in the group were great too). Once their leader figured out we were all about sharing the spot, he warmed right up.
Here's an entertaining blog post with a list of examples of some of the people you might meet along your travels.


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