Finally!! New MS Codec Pack for photo file viewing

Microsoft finally released a new codec pack for being able to view Canon RAW, Nikon, and 10 other camera company's files, in your “Explorer” window!! If you would like to view your photos without having to open them in your editing software, and you have a newer computer (or older one), now you can do it once again.


  • The Microsoft Camera Codec Pack enables the viewing of a variety of device-specific file formats in Window Live Photo Gallery as well as other software that is based in Windows Imaging Codecs (WIC).
  • Installing this package will allow supported RAW camera files to be viewable in Windows Explorer.
  • This package is available in both 32-bit (MicrosoftCodecPack_x86.msi) and 64-bit (MicrosoftCodecPack_amd64.msi) versions.

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