2020 LAPC Spring Photography Event

For over 10 years, the Linn Area Photo Club has brought to the Cedar Rapids Area some of the best photographers in America.   In 2020, we are taking a slightly different approach to photography education by emphasizing the more technical aspects of photography and splitting the historical daylong presentation into two different sessions, followed by an optional Day 2 hands-on workshop with our presenters.

Day 1 – April 25th:  Seminar

Jillian Bell

Close-up/Macro Photography

Jillian Bell is a National Technical Representative with Tamron who teaches camera skills across the country.    She published a How-to eBook on Macro Photography and will lead off the day's seminar.   On stage, Jillian will discuss the ins & outs of the close-up /macro photography process.   Then to make sure we have a good understanding of the process, she will be photographing a few close-up/ macro images live on the stage, demonstrating these skills.      And then….. she will show those images on the screen so participants can see her results.    Lastly…. towards the end of her presentation, she will show some of her tips & tricks in her digital workflow to make those images print-ready.

And that's just the start of the day!

Roger Feldhans

Light Painting

If that's not enough educational opportunity… next on the agenda is Roger Feldhans.    Iowa has a lot of very talented photographers and we are fortunate to have one of them as a presenter for this event.   Roger will discuss:

  • A brief history of light painting, how it all began
  • Tools he uses, both those which can be purchased and those that can be created at home
  • How to “see the light”, how to put light into motion to create these type images
  • Camera settings, equipment needed and optional equipment to enhance light painting

  And like Jillian, Roger will be taking a few light painted images live on the stage demonstrating how it's done. And then….. he will show those images on the screen so participants can see his results live.    Lastly…. towards the end of his presentation, he will show some of his tips & tricks in his digital workflow to make those images print-ready. 

What a day of learning!

That all happens on Saturday.   On Sunday the learning continues!

Day 2 – April 26th:  Workshops

It's one thing to listen to how it's done, then to watch how it's done… now it's time to practice all of that learning.   There will be two concurrent workshops to pick from:

  • Close-Up / Macro Workshop Option A
  • Light Painting Workshop Option B

Jillian Bell

Close-Up / Macro Workshop Option A

Working with Jillian, we will have a series of close-up/macro workstations set up to allow participants the opportunity to hands-on practice these skills.   At each station, there will be different light sources, different subjects, different setups all designed to enhance your learning experience.  Jillian will move from workstation to workstation assisting participants in their efforts and answering all the questions they have.

Bring your camera gear! And if you don't have a macro lens…. don't worry Jillian works for Tamron and they are bringing some lenses along with them.

Light Painting Workshop Option B

Roger Feldhans

This is a “hands-on” workshop.  Participants will bring their camera equipment and together with Roger,  participants will create some incredible light painted images.

Utilizing a variety of light sources, Roger will walk all participants through a series of somewhat complex but interesting light paintings.